Trials, Appeals, Arbitrations and Mediations

The firm has a long tradition as a trial law firm. All of our attorneys have extensive lead counsel trial experience. Our attorneys routinely represent clients in the courtroom through all phases of litigation, from the filing of lawsuits through trial, before both judges and juries.

We represent clients in appeals from trial courts as well as other administrative and legal proceedings, handling all aspects of research, briefing and oral argument. Our attorneys have argued in numerous Federal and State Appellate Courts, and State Supreme Courts.

We also routinely represent clients in arbitration proceedings, which are sometimes required by contract or agreed to as alternatives to litigation in the court system. All of our attorneys have experience participating in arbitrations and serving as arbitrators, in public (court ordered arbitration) and private (contract or construction arbitration).

Our attorneys have extensive experience representing clients in other forms of dispute resolution, including negotiations and mediations. Many of our attorneys also are trained and serve as mediators, in court-ordered and private mediations.